About Me

Just call me Ika. Born and (still) live in Palembang, Indonesia since 1995. Not so fluent in English but i'm still gonna use it anyway in my blog. Know makeup since junior high school but gettin' serious on it while in college. Loves reviewing stuff especially beauty products.

Why i'm on blog? Because i feel like some review didn't really satisfied me. It's not what i'm looking for when i wanna buy some stuff and need to see the review first. So i took a step and here i am, loving every second of it :)

My take on review are more focused to the product itself, how i would use it, and how i (really) feel about it.

Oh and i have a combination skin. Oily T-Zone, dry undereye, and the rest is normal. Bit acne prone, acne scar problem and some redness. Skin tone is kuning langsat, fair and medium in between.

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